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This past week, I primarily watched War Tapes (2006) and did some reflecting about this project. I spent most editing time working on the rough cut for 450, and the screening showed me that things are sort of a mess. I don’t feel good about where the rough cut was…it’s not what I want it to be like. You may ask “well what DO you want it to be like?”. That’s what I’ve been trying to think about. Luckily, I do think I have proper footage to work with…I’m just not putting it together in the right way. I think one thing that will really help both the 450 project and my tutorial cut of the film is thinking sooner rather than later about the voice over I want to do and what can give the film the breathing room it needs. One thing I have said I want to shy away from is a voice-of-god commentary. Right now, I feel like that exists in the film, and need to make space. I want to be able to back away from the compulsion to “tell everything”. If I can tell a few stories or make a few points, that will be powerful. Blah! I don’t know how to do that. I feel like I don’t know how to do anything right now.


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