Roland Micklem of Rock Creek, WV is getting down to work to organize a Senior Citizen’s Walk to End MTR, for folks 55 and over. It will be October 8-12. A youth support team is needed for two days before and during the march.

The march will span 25 miles, beginning at the WV state capitol building in Charleston. When participants reach Mammoth Coal, a mountaintop removal site owned by Massey Energy, those who choose to can do civil disobedience. It will pass numerous coal facilities on the way. A full crew of support is needed for the marchers, so if you are free for those dates, and want to support a potentially amazing event that could bring a whole new group of people into the movment,  follow this link to sign up!

Drivers (and cars)
Support vehicle driver(s)
Media Team
Housing (maybe)
Evening event coordinators

If you are over 55, or know people over 55 who are looking to support the cause, get in touch so we can grow the ranks of the march!